Advanced Topics in Computer Vision (048921) – Tentative list of topics

Winter 2012


Tentative list of topics

Below you may find a tentative list of topics. You may suggest to me (via email) other topics which are of interest to you and do not appear on the list below (please include a list of relevant papers).
You should wait for my formal confirmation before starting to work on a topic.

Analysis of solar images


Social networks [Idan & Saman]




Collective intelligence [Eran & Alice]




  • MARKERLESS MOTION CAPTURE IN THE CROWD, Ian Spiro, Thomas Huston, Christoph Bregler, CI’12
  • Recognizing Objects in Adversarial Clutter: Breaking a Visual CAPTCHA, G Mori, J Malik, CVPR’03

Sports  [Mingzi & Alex]

Animal behavior


Marine analysis – [Marina]

E-commerce – [Yael]








Kinect – [Avithal & Roy]

1) Controller-free exploration of medical image data: experiencing the Kinect, L Gallo, AP Placitelli, M Ciampi, CBMS’2011

2)Altitude control of a quadrotor helicopter using depth map from Microsoft Kinect sensor, J Stowers, M Hayes, and A Bainbridge-Smith,ICM’2011

3) Kinect identity: Technology and experience,  T Leyvand, C Meekhof, YC Wei, J Sun, B Guo, IEEE Computer, 2011

4) Human detection using depth information by Kinect, L Xia, CC Chen, JK Aggarwal, CVPR’2011

5) Using Kinect for hand tracking and rendering in wearable haptics, V Frati, D Prattichizzo, WHC’2011

6) 3D puppetry: a kinect-based interface for 3D animation,  R Held, A Gupta, B Curless, M Agrawala, ACM UI 2012


Computer vision on mobile devices [Mark & Danny]
Leafsnap: A Computer Vision System for Automatic Plant Species Identification
– Deep Shot: A Framework for Migrating Tasks Across Devices Using Mobile Phone Cameras
– Online Creation of Panoramic Augmented-Reality Annotations on Mobile Phones



Computer vision in metric geometry – [Nir]



Food analysis – [Ido]

  • Here is a link to a bubch of papers